first come, first served pc management


Groovix Simple-Q beta is now available for authenticated systems. We'd love to work with you to meet your exact PC managment needs so give us a call at 888-323-1742.

Groovix Simple-Q features include:

  • simple first-come, first-serve queue system
  • web-based status page - can have multiple displays
  • web-based sign-up system - can have multiple sign-up stations
  • no sign-up required if there are open computers
  • users can cancel their request *
  • users can be notified by text-message when a machine is open *

  • can work with :
    • Groovix guest passes
    • user accounts generated at sign-up time by Simple-Q *
    • authenticated systems:
      • Groovix PacAuth
      • Koha, Evergreen, or any open source ILS
      • Horizon Self-Checkout
      • SIP2
      • ldap
* feature under development