computer reservations that meet your needs


Groovix Reservations allow you to get the most out of your computers and keep your customers happy.

  • You control how, when, and where reservations are made:
    • No reservation is required if there are open computers
    • Staff can make and modify reservations from any web browser
    • Customers can make their own reservations at a dedicated kiosk or from any web browser
    • Options for instantaneous or future reservations
  • Flexible time quotas put you in control:
    • You can specify monthly, weekly, daily, and session time quotas.
    • "Bonus" time allows sessions to be automatically extended if no one is waiting
    • Quotas can vary by site, user, user type (child, adult), computer type (express, catalog, web), day of week, time of day, etc.
  • Groovix Reservations works in a variety of authenticated and unathenticated scenarios:
    • Koha, Evergreen, or any open source ILS
    • Polaris, Horizon, Millenium, and other SIP2 compatible ILSs
    • Groovix guest passes provided by staff
    • Auto-generated guest passes (unathenticated)


Login Screen with Authenticated Reservations
Login Screen with Unauthenticated and Authenticated Reservations
Self-Service Reservations View
All Computers in Use
Self-Service Reservation Login
Reservation Confirmation
Staff Reservation Details