ready to use right out of the box


Our standard software gives your users the flexibility they need to securely and privately access personal e-mail and banking accounts with Mozilla Firefox. Open Office lets them create, download, edit, save, and e-mail Microsoft Office compatible files. Multimedia is handled by the Flash and Real Players. Adobe Reader lets you view PDF files and Meebo is a cross-platform instant messenger.

Firefox-only kiosk mode is also available, which is perfect for product displays, advertising, and any environment that runs in a web browser.

In addition to all the applications your users need, you'll get:

  • a completely locked-down environment that still allows users to download files and get work done
  • privacy protection with timed auto-logout
  • double security protection with each log-out and reboot
  • remote administration with a single point of control
  • connect2groovix instant screen sharing for support
  • a fast environment built from the ground up specifically for public access

premium customization